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Turnstile and Parking system

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Security is a key issue for many industrial and commercial premises today; Turstile is used very effectively to help with human access control and ensure security in Stadium, factories, schools and car park security. Vintage Technologies is a well established firm that deals with supply and implementation of security equipment of this kind with a wealth of experience in servicing the industrial, military and commercial sectors. We invite you to read more about us and our products and look forward to the opportunity of implementing for your requirements.

Intelligent Parking Systems


There are more than 6 billion people in the world.. .. it's good to know how many of them are on your premises at the moment.

We can protect your staff and assets You can only be sure of your security when you know who is where in your company. Security for your staff, security for your know-how, security for your plant and machinery. And our system security gives you your operational security; functional security, process security, data security. From a simple door opener to the highest security requirements, we can meet your needs.


psAutomatically identify the vehicle and the driver with little or no human intervention. Allow access to authorised vehicle only. No line of sight required. Vehicle movement and status are logged ensuring accurate asset management.

Ensure accurate record of vehicle movement and history. Talk to us today, as a specialized Company in high-tech surveillance, Vintage Technologies sets the standard.