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Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Fence

Security is a key issue for many industrial and commercial premises today; perimeter fencing is used very effectively to help with warehouse security, factories, schools and car park security and electric powered fencing is important as perimeter security for military bases, power stations, prisons and construction sites. Vintage Technologies is a well established firm that deals with supply and implementation of security equipment of this kind with a wealth of experience in servicing the industrial, military and commercial sectors. We invite you to read more about us and our products and look forward to the opportunity of quoting for your requirements.

A Standard Fence System
Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing can vary in specification requirements and it is for this reason that we have developed four, specialized products in the FlexiguardT range:

  • fencing installed at site perimeter

  • A Warehouse System

  • A Closed Loop System

  • An Explosives Store System

  • With these four products, Vintage Technologies caters for many applications from banks to warehouses, prisons to storage yards plus high risk sites such as explosives stores.



    Access Control There are more than 6 billion people in the world.. .. it's good to know how many of them are on your premises at the moment.

    We can protect your staff and assets You can only be sure of your security when you know who is where in your company. Security for your staff, security for your know-how, security for your plant and machinery. And our system security gives you your operational security; functional security, process security, data security. From a simple door opener to the highest security requirements, we can meet your needs.

    Remote Surveillance

    remote surveillanceRemote surveillance is commonly used to describe observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment or other technological means. However, surveillance also includes simple, relatively no- or low-technology methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, postal interception, or similar methods.We help organisations make sure they are not leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary and excessive business risk as well as the inevitable financial pitfalls.Observation and video monitoring systems are ubiquitous and the market is growing rapidly. As a specialized Company in high-tech surveillance, Vintage Technologies sets the standard in providing crystal clear pictures from inside smoky night clubs or outside on rainy roads and shopping centers. Key products include CCTV cameras/monitors, digital recording and switching systems, and the latest IP network video products.


    CCTV Surveillance