Whatever is the size of your network,Vintage Technologies will tailor the right IT support service for your computer network, be it on contract or an ad-hoc support agreement, to ensure your business always runs in top gear.

Our IT support consultants are trained, qualified and experienced in troubleshooting most major networking technologies, software and hardware appliances.

Full Range of IT Support Services

No two businesses are identical, so we don't believe the "one size fits all" approach works when it comes to business IT support contracts. Instead, we've tailored our own IT support offerings to be modular in fashion, so you can mix and match the specific IT support services that are most suitable to your business. From telephone helpdesk and remote IT support to on-site PC maintenance and network troubleshooting, Vintage Technologies can cater for your computer system and staff's support needs by offering any combination of the following:

How a Vintage Technologies IT Support Contract Works

Depending on the size of your business, our IT support consultants will recommend the package most likely to keep the cost of providing adequate network support for your business to a minimum. For example, you may or may not require a Service Level Agreement (SLA). You might already have your own IT Staff but wish to give them access only to expert third-line technical support from time-to-time, or you simply might need a company to fix computer problems as and when they arise, without any contractual commitment on your part.

For example, a company with only three PCs would probably be best served by our Ad-Hoc IT support service, whereas a small firm - say an Law firm with a Microsoft Small Business Server and 8 PCs - would be better served with a combination of monthly Server Preventative Maintenance, Telephone and Remote IT Support with an SLA of 4 or 8 hours response, plus a hardware support contract on mission-critical systems such as firewalls, servers and switches.

Finding the right level of IT support for your needs and budget

In order to determine what's right for you, your business and your budget, we first come and meet with you to find out what your priorities are. We will then undertake a site survey and document the technology currently in use on your computer network, noting how it is integrated as well as key facts such as IP address schematic, usernames and passwords etc; that is, assuming no such documentation already exists.

You don't need to worry if you don't already possess any network documentation as our consultants are quite used to that and will draw up a set following the on site visit.

Documentation is essential to the support process and, by having up-to-date Network Documentation at our fingertips, it doesn't matter which one of our consultants deals with your IT support issue: they'll be able to understand your computer network inside out.

Vintage Class of IT support contracts

There are several reasons why we think our IT support contacts are better than a lot of others. Chief among these is the fact we don't believe in tying our customers in to a long-term contract. We conduct regular reviews to see how your contract is working and we can even offer a short-term arrangment where, by giving one-month's notice, you're free to go elsewhere should you prefer; so you'll never feel any danger of being trapped in a contract you can't get out of.

Also, you don't have to use the hours you buy each month only for genuine IT support issues. Many IT companies differentiate by supporting just problems and charge extra for routine administrative duties. That's not our way though, as we feel that the routine tasks are all an essential part of supporting and running your computer network efficiently. So, if you need to add new users or perform some routine IT housekeeping tasks, simply call us up and it'll all be included as part of the remote support service, thereby reducing your overall IT costs and giving even better value for money.

Another advantage is that every time you or Vintage Technologies make a change to your computer network, we'll send you an updated copy of your Network Documentation so you never feel beholden to us, as we won't be the only people to understand how your systems work.

Secure remote IT support using VPN technology

In the case of a support contract including telephone and remote IT support, when one of your users contact us with a support issue, we log the call and determine the right person to fix the problem. You then receive a call back within the appropriate time as stipulated in your SLA (though often almost instantaneously) by a support professional who endeavours to fix the problem. When we access your networks we do so securely, either using your existing VPN/firewalling technology or by installing such a secure VPN system if none already exists.

At the end of each month, you receive a sheet of support calls made by your staff detailing the length of time taken to resolve the support issues received during the past four weeks.

Our IT Support Team

A highly experienced group of IT problem solvers makes up the IT support team at
Vintage Technologies. We have consultants trained and / or qualified to industry standards such as Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), plus Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) for legacy computer networks that still use products like Novell Netware or Novell Groupwise.

We solve complex problems quickly and aim to get fully involved with your business by getting to know your staff, as well as how your organisation works, so that you really do think of us as "part of the team."

Who Do We Support?

There are various reasons why we don't like to list the hundreds of companies we've now worked for, but suffice to say if you are in the right circle, you'll be familiar with our customers, range from one-man-bands to PLCs as we treat all our clients with the same degree of professionalism, regardless of their size or budget.