Providing I.T. Solutions to Real Life Challenges.


I.T. Support, Security Surveillance & Real Life I.T. Application Company.

/> Vintage Technologies is set up to provide IT solutions to Real Life challenges.As installer of Building Management Systems or extra low voltage systems including Security surveillance. We ensure hassle free, top quality service from design to installation and maintenance.
Access control can come in many forms from fingerprint or retina recognition to simple intercom systems,fully integrated sytems inludes Guard Tour system, Perimeter fencing and GSM alarm system. Biometrics such as fingerprint recognition remains at the security conscious end of the market, however with prices falling as the technology becomes more widespread, these systems are becoming more of a common sight.Our Gsm Alarm and Control systems is well tested

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Whatever your business IT requirements; from desktop and laptop computers, servers, networking, repairs, upgrades, Internet, backup solutions, software, consumables, support, service contracts and much more. Vintage Technologies is able to offer a complete range of services, customer focus and cost effective solutions to deliver the IT systems your business requires.
Vintage Technologies has been supporting small businesses in Nigeria for some years back, with clients across a variety of business sectors including education, banking, hotels, real estate and healthcare. Our network health check will highlight any potential areas of risk and weaknesses before disaster strikes and has the chance to save you a major business headache, not to mention financial loss.


No two businesses are identical, so we don't believe the "one size fits all" approach works when it comes to business IT support contracts. Instead, we've tailored our own IT support offerings to be modular in fashion, so you can mix and match the specific IT support services that are most suitable to your business. From telephone helpdesk and remote IT support to on-site PC maintenance and network troubleshooting, Vintage Technologies can cater for your computer system and staff's support needs by offering any combination of the following:

A One stop gateway in IT, Telcoms, Network & Internet Deployments

At Vintage we like to do things differently ... but for the better! We started with a simple promise: that we should aim to provide a better service in both IT Support and Remote Surveillance by utilising our inherent understanding of these industries and by drawing on our extensive experience in IT and Risk Management.

Putting Customers First

We decided we'd think from the customers' perspectives, as we'd all had experience as customer ourselves. And by applying pure change management principles to IT ,security surveillance and web projects, we are poised to deliver a better quality of service on time and on budget